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International Students


Our Department welcomes students from all over the world to study Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering.


How to apply

Staff in the International Office process all non-EU applications for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. International (non-EU) applicants can make an application by following the instructions on this web page.


Useful links

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This academic year we have students from Brazil, Spain, and France.

Ben Henry



Ben Henry orinially came to CIT for for one year to finish his Level 7 in Civil Engineering but stayed for four years. After finishing his Level 7 he went on to the Level 8 in Structural Engineering and then completed the MEng in Structural Engineering at CIT with 1st Class honours in 2015. He is now working as a structural design engineer with Arup Consulting Engineers in their Cork office. Ben is currently working on the design of a deep underground metro station to be constructed in Riyadh.

Ben has run the CIT International Students Society, which was awarded Best College Society of Ireland in 2014.





José Brandao de Paviva Neto

University : Universidade   Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Work Placement: RPS Consulting Engineers

Credits achieved in CIT: 65

José took the paid Work Placement module with RPS, an international civil, structural and environmental consultancy in Cork.  José worked with RPS for June and July. José gained excellent experience designing bridges during his placement. The Work Placement elective is moderated and assessed, and José gained 5 credits for this module.



Cindy Carla Lente

University :
Universidade Estadual
Paulista - UNESP


“Cork is a great a city to live, it has everything of a big city, but it is small and very safe. People in CIT were always very helpful with us SWB students, which make our experience much better. The  airport and the facility to go to Dublin, gives us the opportunity to travel around Europe and to know different countries and cultures.”



Rafael Uebelhart

University :
FACENS – Faculdade de
Engenharia de Sorocaba


“Live in Ireland, study in Cork and learn about Irish culture and behaviours has been an amazing experience, and much of it due the CIT. Teaching is practical and objective. The teachers were always attentive, patient and really sought that we learned something, even with the difficulty of learning through another language.”



Ricardo Levi Piancó

University :
Universidade de


“Cork is an amazing city, friendly and with an intense nightlife. In my opinion, to be an abroad student here in Ireland has been really important to my personal growth. CIT provides all support needed by its students either personal or professional. The college has a huge structure with a lot of different laboratories and proficient teachers.”



Milene Ferenzini Gutierrez Sobreira

University : Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

“I really enjoy living here. I can find everything I need. The place I live is very peaceful and safe. It is also very easy to travel from here.”